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5 Apr

A guide for packing your Comp Bag

For those with comp brain, packing a bag for your comp day takes time, precession and let’s be honest you unpack and repack it at least 5 times just to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. However, if this is your first competition, its hard to know what exactly to pack so here is a little go to guide of essentials that we think everybody should take on comp day. 

Our role

As professionals, you leave your final stage of the big day in our capable hands. The ‘glamifying’ process of tanning, makeup & hair are certainly one of the best parts of comp! Everyone loves to feel like a fitness Barbie for a day and we love to make you feel and look ready to grace the stage with a perfect concoction of confidence, poise & sass. We use the very best products in the beauty industry, our tan is used by pro athletes around the world & we are all professionals in our field, constantly training and keeping up with the latest trends and asking for yours and the judges feedback to make sure you are all getting the very best service.

The mishaps

Honestly we love our jobs who wouldn’t love seeing gorgeous men and women in prime condition looking glitzed & glammed and ready to strut their hard work leaving us looking like fitness Barbie & Ken.  We think we are pretty awesome at our jobs too, however, some like to think we are superhuman and know the answers to all in the universe. Here’s the reality, we have come to the realization that we are good at our job not so good at:

  1. Predicting the weather & humidity
  2. Predicting the temperature at the venue in a tight space with a hundred muscly bodies pumping up back stage
  3. Predicting our clients aim for the toilet without marking their tans (yes people peeing on comp day is hard not to mark your tan, avoiding splash back while you squat over the toilet seat so you don’t ruin your tan or get tan on your bikinis) 
  4. Predicting our clients aim of putting a fork in their mouth or water bottle to their lips
  5. Predicting if client’s containers of food are dripping condensation all over their fresh tans (not mentioning any names…. cough Chloe)

And the list goes on……so this is why taking your essentials in your comp bag is SO important, pack for the unexpected!

The Essentials

Here is a list of basic essentials to ensure you have everything you may need just incase. 


  • Directions to and from the venue

-       How far is the Venue from Hair/Makeup & Tanning

-       Is parking accessible for comp day

-       Schedule for the day including your stage time, your pump up exercises and ensure you have your bands ready

-       Registration forms & number

-       Black sheets for sleeping in your tan & towels for your car seats

-       Last but not least don’t forget those manicures and pedicures & waxing/shaving (check our blog here on how to prep your skin and hair for comp day for extra info)


Starting with the bag – make it a rollie bag ie. A suitcase (don’t mess up your tan with shoulder straps needs to have wheels)


Ladies a Makeup bag is certainly essential. We use long lasting waterproof products to ensure your makeup lasts and then set it with a waterproof long-lasting setting spray however again not psychic so it’s a great idea to just pack some basic simple essentials that many of you would already have.

  • Foundation or powder touchup – this can be just a dark powder just to rid yourself of any shine and keep you fresh incase you have hours before your category
  • Blotting paper could also be a great way to get rid of any shine or oil throughout the day
  • Eyelash Glue
  • Lipstick – a great idea is to show us your lipstick while we are doing your makeup so we can match your lip liner and lipstick to your colour
  • Small mirror
  • Makeup wipes to keep your hands tan free
  • Tweezers


Aside from makeup bag also good to keep some hairspray & hairbrush on hand just incase of any little ‘flyaways’. Again we use heavy duty spray but always good to have these products just incase.

  • Hairsrpay
  • Bobbypins
  • Hair tie for after comp
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair Straightener


It is always a smart idea to take tan touchup foam or muscle mud just incase of spills or leaks. It is easy to apply and simply rub the muscle mud or foam over the area then dab with a kabuki brush or makeup powder brush to massage into skin. Ask us to show you incase you get stuck. We sell muscle mud for your convenience.

Also good to have a glaze or an oil to apply just before you jump on stage incase your tan looks to dry. Jantana, Black magic & protan both have a great glaze or otherwise I have heard spraying coconut oil/canola oil (coconut at least smells better) on the body just before stage also works (remember spray from a distance you don’t want the oil running down your body just enough to make you shiny).



-       Posing suits/bikinis – make sure you back them either in a case or labelled plastic clip seal bags so you can keep them free of tan or makeup & keep them organized in your bag especially for those competing in different categories

-       Second bikini/posing suit just incase

-       Baby Powder (great to stop you sweating under the arms

-       High heels for stage (some people take two pairs just incase)

-       Stage number

-       Safety pins

-       Jewellery (earring, bracelet etc.)

-       Towel incase you wish to lay on the floor and put your feet up stops tan lines etc.

-       Bikini Bite (remember do this just before you go on it will mark your tan once you stick to yourself so best do a toilet stop first) 

-       Sewing kit

-       Scissors

-       Glitter spray

-       Girlie products just incase

-       Thongs (you don’t want to walk in heels all day)

-       Your dressing gown/overthrow for after tans

-       Pump up bands

-       Camera, phone charger

-       Music/earphones for backstage if you are starting to get nervous

-       Cash

-       Vaseline (You will be dehydrated and don’t want your lips sticking to your teeth when you smile on stage)

-       Panadol

-       Nail file & Nail glue

-       Umbrella


Keep your food and drinks in a separate cooler bag so you don’t spill on your bikini/posing suit! 

·                Water bottles with squirt tops (so you don't accidentally douse yourself when you try to take a sip of water)

·                Food/supplements (separate cooler bag so you don’t spil on your bikini/suit & great extra is coconut water for after the show to rehydrate)

·                Food utensils

·                Junk food for after the show (YAYYYY)


·                Change of clothes – loose & comfy clothing 

·                Underwear

·                Deodorant

·                Body Spray

We hope this list helps you to pack your bag for comp day and we wish you goodluck during your prep and see you for the glamifying process on Comp day ;) Happy prepping people!

Love the Shique Hair & Beauty girls <3 xx


  • Aileen Reply
    Love this list. Thanks for the assistance to make a great day easier...

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