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6 Apr

Hair Extension Care Guide

You now have luscious long locks but we cannot stress the importance of looking after your extensions once you walk out our door. We provide this information to you to get the best results and longest life out of your hair extensions. If you don’t follow these guidelines we cannot warrant your hair extensions*

IMPORTANT - Your hair extensions are only warranted if you are using OUR in salon hair care range, Your stylist will recommend to you what products are best.


Upon waking, brush your hair, if you are styling making sure to use a good quality hair straightener eg Cloud9 (which we stock) or GHD and a heat protectant.


-Before bed brush hair.

-Put hair in low loose plait for sleeping

-A satin pillow slip is also a great way to prevent extensions from knotting as the hair will slide instead of cotton may rough it up a bit more.

-Popping some oil/serum through the ends of the extensions every 2-3 nights is also a good idea As the hair is exposed to wind and sun throughout the day so this helps to nourish the extensions as they receive no natural oils from our scalp like our own hair does so it is important to hydrate and replenish them.


(Using only OUR salon Haircare range that your stylist recommends)

-Brush hair before entering the shower to remove any tangles

-Rinse hair in warm water (try to avoid very hot water)

-Apply 20c size amount of shampoo, apply to the scalp only, lather and wash scalp (do not apply shampoo to mids and ends)

-Rinse hair and shampoo will run through your ends to remove any product build up

-Repeat the last step (shampoo twice this is important to properly clean scalp)

-Apply a 20c size amount of conditioner to mid lengths and ends of hair (do not apply conditioner to roots) and leave for 3-5mins

-Apply a hair mask treatment once a week in replace of conditioner.

-When drying pat hair - do not rub!

-Wear your hair in a loose braid or low pony when wet, please don’t put it in a top knot or tight bun when it is wet. 




When styling your hair apply a moisturiser and heat protectant to mids and ends, comb softly and then you can begin to blow dry and style. Be sure to dry the root of the weft completely.

MAINTENANCE IS A MUST - The extensions need to be pushed up regularly. Depending on how quick your hair grows we recommend anywhere between 4-8weeks - NO LONGER. Leaving them longer can cause damage to the natural hair, as the heavy extension will be pulling down on the hair. The natural hair can also matt and get tangled between the scalp and the extension if left to long.


Do not use products containing protein, keratin, sulphates and high alcohol contents ( any products that say rebuild/strengthen/reconstruct are all protein based so are a no go) These products will destroy your extensions making them knotty and unmanageable. This can happen even after one use and is irreversible. It is very important to listen to your Shique stylist on what products are suitable for your extensions - these are professional salon quality products so are good for your natural hair also.

Please DO NOT colour your extensions! We will colour match your hair and if not a correct match we will colour them for you to suit your hair. Purple shampoo is ok if you are blonde but be careful as the extensions will grab onto it quick. We recommend only using a purple shampoo on your extensions once per fortnight. 


-If you are a swimmer please keep in mind your hair extension quality wont last as long as someone that doesn’t swim often. Be sure to rinse your extensions well after swimming, comb through gently and apply a treatment to get the moisture back into them 

-The hair extensions may feel tight for the first few days after initial application. Some clients feel discomfort for up to a week, however this is extremely rare. If extensions are causing discomfort to the point where the client would like them removed, they can be removed for half price within the first fortnight of application.


If you have any queries please don't hesitate to talk to your stylist :) 




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