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4 Nov

Are my nails bad for me -


Why it is so important to invest in a good nail tech.


Ok so we have all been guilty of trying to stretch out that nail infill but then we see it starting to lift and just cant risk it. But Debbie in the opposite office tells you her nails never lift and she has been seeing the same nail bar 'chop shop in the nail world' and cant understand why yours would be lifting.....

We have news for you Debbie - you have a bad nail tech. Nails ARE MEANT TO LIFT.  But why?


Ok to explain we have to go back to the basics of nails. What are acrylics?

Acrylic Nails are formed using an acrylic liquid and an acrylic powder that when mixed together form a hard plastic similar in feel and appearance to your existing nails. There are 2 types:

Ethyl Methacrylate EMA (GOOD)

Methyl Methacrylate MMA (BAD)

OK So why is MMA Bad?

The US Food & Drug Administration received complaints about dermatitis, deformaties and injuries from MMA nails and filed lawsuits against several companies making it public that MMA SHOULD NOT BE USED IN NAIL PRODUCTS. It is now banned in 30 US States, Canada & New Zealand and many other countries but guess what, not Australia!

So this leads us to -  Why do nail salons still use MMA?

OK so you know little nail bars in the shopping centres that offer extremely low prices - this is because MMA is cheaper

MMA also sets a lot harder than EMA which may seem great and last longer but long term this will cause many problems.


What MMA really does to you -


And worst case scenario  you can LOSE YOUR WHOLE NAIL! YES thats correct because the bond between the MMA and your actual nail is so strong there is a real risk that you can catch your nail and your entire nail will come off!! OUCH!!! 

MMA Bond is also very strong and requires an electric drill to remove and if soaking off expect it to take some time because hey its stuck like glue and in worst case scenarios will need to be soaked and then pried off damaging your nail bed! 

So if we haven't already changed your mind here is what to look out for so you don't end up like Debbie - 


- Unusually low prices - MMA costs about one quarter of the price of EMA

- Vague description of brands and products displayed (unlabelled bottles) and technicians who won't or can't  (hint hint nudge nudge) tell you what they are using

- Strong chemical odour (we have all walked past those 'Chop shops' and know what we are talking about)

- Acrylic nail turns yellow over time

- Nail techs wearing masks ( I mean some people just prefer not to smell any chemicals and isn't always a major sign but hey Sherlock homes if it all starts to add up 

- Electric files used on your natural nail - this is so dangerous and a major warning sign to invest in a new nail tech.


Now you are an acrylic expert and the office Debbie tries to steer you into a chop shop you can explain why it is so important to actually invest in a good nail tech so you don't end up with long term issues with your nail.


And don't worry we are MMA free :) Your nail will begin to lift when they are due for an infill and this is normal  - generally 2-3 weeks between infills however some people get longer.

We look forward keeping those paws MMA free. Believe us when we say your nails will thank you for it. 




  • Jessica Reply
    FYI using an efile on the natural nail is totally safe and fine as long as the appropriate bits are being used (like cuticle bits and fine sanding bands) and on a low speed. I find sanding bands essential to my prep routine - they quickly and easily remove the natural shine especially around the sides where it’s incredibly difficult to hand file and they’re also great for removing any dead skin stuck on the nail plate from the cuticle. When used appropriately the risk is minuscule.
  • Antonia Reply
    Hey my names Antonia was wondering where about are you located and how much do you charge for a full set of nails. Kind regards Antonia
    • Hannah Reply
      Hi Antonia we are located beside RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane. Free onsite parking

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